Prayer List

Cindy E. Ables
Becky Alexander
Ron Atchley
Kaye Auditore

Harper Bagley
Raymond Beasley
Emma Bell
Taylor Berry
Patrick Bradford
Corey Buckner

Macie Cashion
Teresa Coop
Ronald Crapps
Shirley Crouch
Noah Crowe

Campbell Dale
Jennie Darnell
Family of Vandie Davis

Margaret Nell Fowler
Matt Fowler

Jerry Gatlin
Glen & Gay Goodin
Winnie Graham
Hank Gray

Gilda Hall
Sandra Hanson
Flavil Hatcher
Joyce Henson
Hazel Hill

Ed Jacobs
Holly Jenkins
Pegga Jenkins
Patty Johnson
Reba Johnson

Kent Kilpatrick
Dixie Kluth
Margaret Kock

James Lamon
Jean Lockhart
Marie Lloyd
Sondra Luker

Percy Martin
Curtis Massey
Martha Jo McCulloch
Chris Mitchell
Monty Montgomery

Joyce Newton
Laton Newton
Carter Nieball

Erline Patrick
Family of Buddy Petty
Buddy Phillips
Kenny Pierce
Bob Pittenger
Grace Pitts
Margaret Pope
Phil Prichard, Jr.
William Priest
Peggy Pulley

Rhonda Seitzinger
Susan Robinson Shelton
Jason Sisk
Mark Smith
Felicia Spray
J.C. Stewart

Family of Terrie Telford
Charles Thompson
Chris Thornton
Rocky Tippens
Rogers Towry
Mildred Troupe
Patsy Troupe

Margot Vukovic

James Ward
Opal Ward
John Weimer
Norma Weimer
Aretta Whittaker
Lora Whitmore
Ann Whittemore
Maddie Williams

Donna York

Updated 3-19-14

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